Send Free SMS From your Andriod Device to any Mobile By Free SMS India App

Free Sms India is an application which allows you to 
send free sms to any mobile number in INDIA.Now
the concept is simple this app is using all the sms gat
eways which you can get separately using their indiv
idual app but now you are getting all those gateways 
right in one app so its much convenient and easy to use.

Features of this Free SMS India App.

1). Automatic address book syncronising.
2). Many gateways supported like way2sms, fullonsms, site2sms, 160by2, sms440, indyarocks, youmint.
3). Can be accessed through GPRS Connection.

Download :-

So now if you like the features of this app you can 
download it from the official Android market, so
after you have downloaded this app just install it
and log in to any of the following gateways above 
and send unlimited sms for free.

Download The App Below:-

Offficial Andriod Market

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