Hackers Claimed - Google Under Cyber Attack (i-Google Server Down)

Few days ago Anonymous called Operation Armenian 
Genocide  later another hacker group named Teamgre
yhat has hacked more  than 7K websites for this protest. 

But its not enough now hackers f rom Kosova Hackers 
Security and Teamgreyhat in association with  hackers
from Anonymous performed a DNS Distributed Denial
of  Service attack of i-Google Ireland on the 4th February.
The hackers  have claimed that they have hacked into a
network of iGoogle ,  making it the most successful cyber

The Google Webmaster  responded to the attack by
shutting down part of its computer system  from the office
of Thomas Masood, the Google Defense Secretary.
The network was taken down for over a week in order
 to determine  the points of weakness.

It's been noted that hackers from various locations in
Kosova, Albania, India, Portugal, Brazil and so on 
have spent months probing the Google system, and
unfortunately succeeded in finding a vulnerability.
The attackers also took responsibility to collapse the 
maximum bandwidth of i - google and later  sent  it 
offline for some time. Earlier  hackers form  KHS 
and TGH performed such similar attack on Hotmail 
and they sent the mail server offline for a log time. 

Press Release By The Hacker:- 

"Greeting World 
All you are aware of how cruel your Govt is behaving with us…… it’s been a decade past but still common people are suffering. Our question is what democracy we have achieved??? Still the fuckers are ruling the humanity and they have made the entire system a crap.  

I want to ask everyone, how much longer are we gonna 
let our governments control us? How many freedoms
will have to be removed before we realize that this is
not how man is supposed to live. And how much longer
will we let our governments operate behind closed
doors? The idea of a Government by the people for
the people has died out and its time we fought for its

Earlier we have raise our voice against injustice, inhumanity 
while blowing 12K websites all over the world for free 
education and free health to all our brothers and sister 
world wide. Later we again vows against ACTA and 
then 7K sites get penetrated by TGH  .

But did we do a lot??? No not at all. Again we are 
standing against injustice, cruelty & inhumanity. 
the govt wants to censor the entire WWW. So
we decide yet again to stop them. As a result
on the 4th February 2012 we sent offline  i-Google
from the WWW.  

#OpArmenianGenocide Engaged
#OpMegaupload Engaged
#OpFreeEducation Free Health Engaged

We are KHS We are TGH
We are Warriors
We are Achilles of Cyber World
we do not forgive.
we do not forget.
to the governments of the world. 
you should have expected us. "

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