Facebook Hacker Jailed for 8 Months

Glenn Mangham, 26, had earlier admitted infiltrating the
social networking website between April and May 2011.

Mangham, of Cornlands Road, York, had shown search
engine Yahoo how it could improve security and said he
wanted to do the same for Facebook.

Self-styled cyber Robin hood, Glenn Mangham, who is 
only a year younger than Facebook CEO Mark Zucker
berg, was jailed for 8  months by the British court today. 
He was also given  a serious crime prevention order rest
ricting his access to the internet and forfeiting his comp
uter equipment.He admitted infiltrating the website from
his bedroom between April and May last year.

As part of his operation, he hacked into the account of a
Facebook employee and managed to reset his password.
He used it to access restricted internal information while
the staff member was away on holiday. Though he dele
ted his electronic footprint, his penetration was discove
red by a routine security review by Facebook. He had
apparently stolen “invaluable” intellectual property that
was downloaded on his external hard drive.

The self-described “ethical hacker” said that he wanted 
a mini project to point out vulnerabilities, and chose Fac
ebook because of its high-profile. He is no newbie at hi
gh-profile hacking. He had also hacked into Yahoo, but
then his actions were looked upon by Yahoo as an oppo
rtunity for it to improve its security.In his defense,it was
claimed that he had not tried to sell anyof the infrmation
he obtained from Facebook or pass it on to anyone else.
But prosecutor Sandip Patel rejected his claims and said,
“He acted with determination, undoubted ingenuity
and it was sophisticated, it was calculating.”


  1. awesome fellow use hm in proper way.. don't prosecute him. destroyers has more ability to secure.


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