Call Someone With Unknown International Number For Free

Hi friends. you can call someone on his cell phone with a International number with help of Internet and your cell phone and talk to him with your cell phone only.Also its free too for limited period. It's not a prank .Instead now prank someone with this cool trick.

procedure for this:

1>>Visit it and Register yourself(with your REAL mobile number).

2>>Confirm your email.

3>>Login into your account.

4>>Click on "Direct webcall" as shown below:

5>>Choose Country and the cell number of your friend(Your number will NOT be shown on the receiver's phone) and click on Call Now!. Then you will Receive a call from a unknown number. Pick it up and then they will call your friend's number.

After Clicking Call Now a call will come on your cell phone(The number you filled while registering yourself on from a International number. Pick it up. And then the number you filled(in the above image) will get a call from that number. Talk and Enjoy! 


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  1. SIR, its showing the error message YOU DONT HAVE ENOUGH CREDITS TO MAKE THIS CALL.

  2. yes it shows error msg but try and try get in this site .thanku for commenting


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