Project Glass:Video Demo of Google Glass from Google I/O

Google I/O - June 27-29 Mo-scone Center , San Francisco
Briefly About Google Glasses:
Google project glass which allows you to stay connected with real world and at the same time it allows you to connect with web.It runs completely on voice commands.This is designed by Google developers as 1-inch display with integrated touch Pad.

If once you allow that Google glass with WiFi it shows Map directions and even it allows you to Hang Out with people on Google chats.It has the features like you can instantly take videos and even pictures to share it with the world on net.

Highlights of Google project glasses:

It shows up all the notifications of your mobile on the display screen.

You can also use it while driving with out any interactions by using voice commands.

You can just dictate voice or mails to send it to your loved one Using voice control you can send SMS,E-mails etc)

Just like Google maps it shows you places/objects , people and offers in the local location where you are.

Some of the Drawbacks may it have:

Low battery performance because of its constant use age

Not available in many languages.

No information about how to use it for people who are with sightedness.

It may be available in market by 2013.
Watch Video Demo of Google Glass from Google I/O :-

Tata Docomo Photon Plus tariffs with 60% off on all data plans

Tata Docomo telecom services announced a tariff plans decrease by 60 percentage for Tata Photon Plus postpaid and prepaid clients over India.

It brings down data tariff prices.

Tata Docomo Photon plus servicing is a CD-MA free based fast information service providing speeds up to 3.1 Mbps.

With  the modern plans introduced by Tata Docomo Photon Plus postpaid customers have 2 limitless data plan alternatives such as 6 GB for Rs 950 rental and 11 GB for Rs 1200.Based on the data consumption of the limit of 6 GB and 11 GB customers will be able to use  data but at a low  speed.These 2 unlimited plans also have cash back offer by Rs 100 per month for 12 months from date of purchase.

Along with this it is offering some additional facilities like,prepaid customers can have 2GB data plan on recharge of Rs 700 and post the 2GB data limit then can continue using up data but with low speed.

Besides Tata Docomo entry level packs at present charges Rs 250 that can have 1GB of data download as compared to Rs 650 before. Similarly Rs 450 pack which earlier charge Rs 750 will be offering 2GB.

Same as  Airtel's Smart byte, Tata Docomo has set up  recharge packs, which admits customers to buy additional added data services if they are crossing their high speed data limitation.In that aspect there are 2  plans in this,customers for Photon Plus postpaid  can have 1GB data for Rs 200 and 2GB data for Rs 350.It means, that clients can now go on  continuous  internet fast  usage of  their data limitation.

Google Chrome iOS - Google Chrome on iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch

Google chrome  IOS for Apple Iphone, Ipad and Ipod .

Google chrome for IOS to the App store is added.Of course apple added some restriction to this app.Chrome has added many beautiful features to this app it added a integrate Chrome sync function so that you may have quick access to the content on the web.

Through it bookmarks,tabbed and stored qualifications you can have a speedy approach to your loved places on the online.
Google chrome IOS is compatible with Iphone versions which are 4.3 and higher.Head over to App store to download free chrome for IOS today

This has many good features like tabbed browsing,Bookmarking facility etc.

Here is the video that explains more about this Google browser:

Get AP EAMCET-2012 results through SMS ,IVRS or Online

EAMCET-2012 results Will be announced today at 6pm
Eamcet-2012 outcomes will be declared  today at 6 pm and ranks will sent by SMS right away to the students' mobiles no.' Supplied in their application forms during the time of applying for EAMCET exam.Actually the results are planned to released on JUNE 30th.But ,because of Damodar Raja Narasimha ,deputy cheif minister has to hang another meeting in kurnool on that day the release of results were per-pone to this day.The results will be announced by the deputy cheif minister at JNTU masab Tank in hyderabad.

Rank will be determined by adding 25%  weight-age of  intermediate marks to EAMCET marks and finally it declares the rank of a student.


You can also get your results through this websites .Here is the list of websites were you can get Exam results:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Through IVRS:

* Air tel    543212222
* Vodafone    56731
* Idea    5545678
* BSNL    1255225, 1255560
* Tata    129660
* Tata GSM 54321234
* Uninor    51234
* Reliance    56566

To get result Through SMS type the SMS as shown below from your Mobile:

* EAMCETRANK HTNO send to 53345 (BSNL)
* EAMCETRANK HTNO send to 53346 (BSNL)
* EAMCET HTNO send to 57333, 56969 (all operators)
543212222 (Airtel)
55456 (Idea)
51234 (TATA GSM)
56506 (Reliance)
56730 (Vodafone)

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Facebook Page : Now you can change your Facebook Page URL or Username

At the starting when you have supposed to be create a Facebook Page, Facebook Assigns a Random URL to your Facebook page that looks something like this below example.But Now you can choose your own username and URL.
Here is how you can get the Custom URL for your Facebook Fan page
 When your facebook is reached 25 likes or more you can choose or change your facebook page username called vanity URL for your page that looks something like this below
At this time once you have claimed the Facebook page vanity URL or Facebook Username there is no option to change the URL or Facebook Username .
But Now Facebook Upgrades the New Feature that is now Facebook Page owners can now change the URL or Facebook page username of their Facebook pages .

Follow the Simple Steps below to change your Facebook Page Username :-
  • Open your Facebook Page and click on Edit Page option Edit Page –> Update Info and click the “Change Username” below the Username Option.

  • Now you can change the Username of your Facebook page by changing the Previous one .And you also Pick the Option of you can select type of URL also like .in and .com are also case insensitive see the Image Below .
  • Now Click on Check Availability Option and It says Facebook Username is Available .

  • But this Facebook Page Feature is allowed to be used only one time.So Be very careful when choosing the new URL for your Facebook Page .

That's it. So hope you liked this amazing Feature by Facebook .Join our all communities to get new updates .

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Nexus 7 tablet Features Specifications and Cost

Nexus 7 tablet Features Specifications and Cost

Google has announced its first Android version (Jelly Bean) tablet into the market.Google took high defined measures to design this latest tablet and  in adds up the features of new operating system.Here are the specifications of this latest device.

Specifications :

Nexus 7
Operating system: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
Screen size:7-inch screen 
Resolution:1280x800 pixels
Processorquad-core Tegra 3 with 12 core GPU
Internal Memory:1GB RAM.
Cost: $199 in the US For 8GB device.

In addition this device has a inbuilt WiFi ,Bluetooth and NFC facility.And it can stream up to 9hr HD video with a good battery back up.This is a lite weight tablet with 340 grams.The details of Indian market release is not yet revealed.

Google's new tablet Nexus 7 to compete with Apple and Microsoft !

Google's new tablet Nexus 7

At last the suspense and rumors on Google's new tablet and Android operating system came to end by yesterday conference of developers at Francisco

Google unveiled its two new items from the same company.The first one is Nexus 7 and the other is Jelly Bean , operating system form Android background which is referring as Android 4.1.Google employee demonstrated Nexus 7 specifications and about Jelly Bean Os Features to media and experts in the conference.

Nexus 7 is the first Android powered devices so far Google has launched .By this, Company is  planning to bring down the market shares of Apple and Kindle Fire in the tablet Computer sales, which are leading companies in Us and some other countries over the world.However Google is offering  a heavy competition to both these companies.

Previous versions like Sandwich and Honey Comb has received a great apploze from people now also Company had kept all the effort to make the Jelly Bean Os to come out with new feature.

Download Mozilla mobile browser for Android

Mozilla Firefox a legend in the desktop web browsing announced its firefox update for Android mobiles,Though we have many browsers like Opera mini ,Uc browser  etc.
Mozilla claims this to be a fastest browser so far in the android browsers history.This upgrade comes with Firefox synchronise  ,tabbed browsing,  and Firefox Add-ons to experience best mobile browsing on handsets.

What's new on Updated Mozilla browser ? :

  • Flash support which allow you to Watch videos,play games you can experience just like as you on desktop.
  • High security and privacy features like Do not track ,HTTP strict Transport Security ,Master password and many more features.
  • Tabbed window browsing
  • Ad dons for mozilla available
  • Syncs the data with your mobile.

Here is the chart that shows a canvas Rendering performance of Mozilla browser when comparing to the other mobile browsers.

Mozilla is also offering a better open web platform for web developers to develop add-Ons for this browser

Requirements for Download:

Android 2.2 and above

Updated on : 26 June 2012

Google Brain Comming Soon : Google Brain Awesome Video

Have you ever had a dream about the computer that servers like human and performs work itself  according to the situation ?
We only see this on certain movies but Scientists are trying to  bring this science fiction to science fact.
Google as a team is  planning a new computer which will think like humans and performs with artificial intelligence.Goolge named this project as "Google brain".
This is a combination of thousands of microprocessors in the computer.After the project of "Google glasses" Google team is coming up with a quiet innovative project.
This computer can answer to the user asked question and performs like a human brain.
Let us wait for this new Google project to release.

Watch the Demo Video For Google Brain :-

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Improve Your PC Performance with RegClean Pro v6.2 Full Version with Serial key

As the name indicates RegClean Pro that it clean your total computer and scratches the  incomapatible and insufficient data and other virus issues which will harm to your computer .By this RegClean Pro you can able to boost your pc

Vodafone international roaming package with 60% discount

Vodafone telecom service india has launched a new international roaming package with 60% discount on services in all voice calls and data.

"Sanjoy Mukerji,cheif commercial officer said that "This offer comes upto the  possible needs of customers visiting multiple states, with a exclusive pack on single number and one-time renting.thus making multinational roaming a worry-free experience"

While coming to the offer details it is like this .you are allowed to do voice ,sms and data in one single exclusive pack.This offer is applicable across 40 countries worldwide on particular partmer networks.This pack is available to customers till september 30 .On a minimum    rental of Rs.1499 validated for 30 Days. This rental will be charged according to the costumer's usage.

This can be a best vodafone offer to all the  people who frequently visit countries.

Download Angry Birds space for free on IOS


Rovio entertainment media announced Angry Birds space game for Ios devices this week in its official blog.

Since 2009 this game is standing as the top ranking game on various mobile platforms like Android and Nokia mobiles.Now it is  entering into the IOS devices to entertain all game lovers.

Angry birds space for iphone available for free in the apple app store and It allows to play 10 levels so that you can expect further levels to buy.Anyhow third party ads will be displayed for free version.

This game can be downloaded through the below links.

Technohackzs         Download on IPhone      Download on iPad

The most Social Places and Landmarks around the world

The above image can clearly tells about the most Social Places , Landmarks and Cities in the World.All We know Facebook is the Top Social Network in the World.And Facebook has reached to and used by billion members and Facebook is about 14% of the world’s population.

The social networking site Recently  Released a list of the most “social” Network Places , or Cities  and landmarks in the World where the maximum number of Facebook check-ins have happened so far (since August 2010) as per the data .

Sports Stadium and Public areas like parks ( Johannesburg’s Gold Reef City, Moscow’s Gorky Park) were found to be the most “social” places as per the data .

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Scroll to Top Button Chrome Extension For Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome Having the New Extension that is scroll to top button Extension for the browsers for the Easier Website Navigation .Scroll to top Extension is a necessary and external button for your browser.  Every website not having this Button ,so we found an interesting and cool Google chrome extension that extension will automatically add this scroll to top button in your chrome browser for easier website navigation.Many sites are added this scroll to top button by coding to their sites in the HTML Java Script.But by using this Chrome Extension which will add a button to your browser and it will appear on all sites with out any coding .It just the Extension install it and use the feature of scroll to top button in any website in your Google Chrome Browser .

Install Extension :- Scroll to Top Extension.

Watch the Demo Video :-

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Apple - Introducing MacBookPro with Retina Dispaly

For More Details go to their official apple website below

Attention ! facebook is going to expire?

Is Facebook ready to expire like Orkut and my space ? Experts say it is true
We all know that back to few years my space and Orkut are the leading social networks in many countries.But now they are almost invisible on the web.No one is showing interest to   engage with that social media sites.

But,many technology companies like Oracle ,IBM and some other are still in leading position since decades and their services on online  are appreciable.while it comes to  social network company sites it doesn't happen.No socialmedia site like Facebook will exist for longer time.

Analyzers and experts say that "though people are more engaged with Facebook still it is hard to stay for more five to eight years even less on Facebook".

Recently Google plus is playing its importance by attracting users on the net.Some of its new features like Circles ,hangout (personalized video chats), voice chats (Voice calls) are grabbing people attention by its new features.

 Pinterest is also the another website where users can have chatting ,update their status is becoming popular these days.This site is also competing with Facebook in social network.
Likewise there are many signs that Facebook is going to expire in few coming years.

So friends who are using Facebook for connecting people and making friends , trying to brand their products or any of their websites/blogs wake up and ready for new social media.

Unemployment raised by Nokia

Nokia today announced that it is going to cut down10,000 employees from the company because of its loss in the mobiles market shares.Since then after the establishment of Company it never faced the loss like as it is facing now.After the entry of  apple Iphone  and Android  Nokia was kicked down in Smart Phone Mobile market.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop who formerly worked for Microsoft said that"we are planning to reduce employees from our company as much as possible" This seems that more employees are going to be unemployed for those who are working for Nokia.

Experts says that  Nokia is going to face great backdrop in  Smartphones and Mobiles however its partnership with Microsoft Company which leads to the latest Operating system in Nokia Mobiles also seems to be failed at Users.So Nokia is planning to reduce its maintenance costs.

Free BSNL 3G Hack & Trick 2012 ( 100% Working )

Hi Friends!! Today iam with the New Trick and Hack For
Bsnl users. Try these settings and hack the bsnl 3g network .
This Trick is working for both Mobile and Pc also .Gprs is also activated in your mobile by these settings .

Use the Following New Connection For Free :-

Name :3G free(any)
Service Type 1 WAP
Gateway IP : 1
Port no : 1 : 9209.
Timeout: Never
CSD No.1
User Name1: ppp
Password1: ppp123
APN setting:
User Name : ppp
Password : ppp123

Now save the following settings and  leave the other settings as default and using this activated settings hack bsnl 3G for free new 2012 trick in bsnl mobile free for 3mbps speed browsing and downloading in bsnl 3G.

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Apple Ios 6 mobile operating system features

Apple announces new Ios 6 features on Monday .It incorporated  famous features to make more out with this Os.In Order to give  good competition to latest release of Samsung galaxy S3.Here are the preview of the this latest version and complete details of IOS 6 features.

Apple's upcoming operating system has a new siri app which supports more languages.
It designed maps with 3d view turn-by-turn feature .it helps in predicting real time traffic information and tracks time to reach the destination,it show the alternate map for reach desired place.
Passbook app help in booking the tickets for flights and keeps users updated with specific time and location.
All this apps are available for IPHONE and IPOD
IOS 6 is a freeware software update available for the users with IPHONE,I PAD,IPAD2 and IPOD 4
Senior Vice president of company in annual worldwide conference expresses a great confidence that it is going to satisfy all the users.

Highlights of IOS 6:

  • New Siri personal assistant application
  • Newly Maps app with Apple-designed Map making.
  • New Passbook app
  • Guided access -It locks the hardware buttons apple devices navigation into a single IOs app.
  • Spoken direction
  • Flyover 3D interference. 

IOs 6 previews:



Apple latest features video : 

Love Failure :Suicide note on Facebook by a student | Real Story

Facebook  social network site, has a great impact on the minds of the youth and it became a part of the daily social activities.Now it turned into a place for the electronic suicide notes.

A  21 year old student who is pursuing his engineering  carrier at Lord Jegannath College of Engineering and Technology, Nagercoil,went for  self-destruction due to Love failure.Though he has  more then 300 hundred friends but nobody could prevent his death.

He wrote a suicide note on Facebook and went to die under running train at Karunagapally.

His close friend sham said that "He had a  affair and recently  they had a clash couple of days ago"

"Before he is attempting for death he sent a personnel text message ot get in touch and called her on phone,but she rejected him,maybe this is the reason for his death" said sh yam .

Her mother Veena said "He came to home to prepare for final Semester exams and we never expected this"

Dr.C.J.John Chennakattu chief psychiatrist at Medical Trust Hospital in Ernakulam says that Social networking sites has a great impact on real world  a lot.

Message from techno hackzs :Friends never try to end your life forcefully because your innocent parents are there to love you more than anybody.Share your pain and Cry with your close friends who always there to assist you at any situation.

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Top and Best Websites To Create your own Facebook Timeline Covers

Facebook Timeline Will Helps spread the message and love to your Friends and Dispaly your Love and skills .So there is some websites will help you creating your own ,Freaky and Killer Timeline Covers.With these websites you can easily create your own cover and with this websites that are which helps you create some interesting Facebook timeline covers which make your Facebook profile stand out. These Websites  uses Pre-made designs and your profile pictures from Facebook.These Websites basically Supply the Covers For Your Facebook and having the Features of Create your own timeline covers . So By using these websites create your own timeline covers and spread your love to your Friends by this Covers . Simply choose best layout and Design with your skills .See the Websites Listed Below.

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Free Premium IDM Internet Download manager app for Android Users

Why Android users should miss   internet download manger tool features and speed that Pc users are enjoying ? 
Premium IDM Internet Download manager app for Android

IDM Internet Download Manager application for Android Devices is available on Google play and this  tool is used to download music, images and videos  online.This IDM tool is compatible for Android versions 2.1 and above.This application is available for free cost.

Internet Download Manager (IDM)PRO is a premium version of IDM tool This app increases download speed upto 500 times than the normal download speed .
It has the resume capability that will restart busted and disrupted downloads due to forced shutdowns and power failures of the device.It has error recovery capability so that it facilitates the resume downloads of any files.
You are able to Download with one click. When you click on a download link in a browser, IDM will accept the download and accelerate it. IDM supports HTTP, file transfer protocol(ftp) and hypertext transfer protocol* protocols.(HTTPS)

Users  rating 4.7

Download Link:
Click here to view download page

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Download Halo Launcher and Expirecence Ice Cream Sandwitch features on any Android mobile

Android users who are using the former versions of android operating system like 2.3 ( gingerbread) or 2.2 (Fro yo)  and if your mobile manufacturer has no choice to advance your phone with latest version of android ie.,Ice cream Sand witch .Holo launcher application is providing you with all the features of ICS Cream sand witch launcher ,and it is available for free in

This application resembles like Ics ,you would feel as your are on the default ICS launcher it is giving full ICS style ,Desktop previews ,custom editing options also providing gestures options and many other customizable  options are also available with in the OS.

Features of this application:
  • Complete ICS mode ICS Icons, Folders, Outlines, Tabs, etc.
  • Customized Desktop Pages/Grid
  • It is Capable for 9 screen background pages and 10 x 10 grid.
  • Customized Drawer Portrait or landscape control grid
  • Set different drawer grid for portrait and landscape screen.
  • Scrollable docking facility
  • Adequate to 7 icons per page and up to 3 pages.
  • Infinite Scrolling
  • Loop through and through your desktop/drawer/dock endlessly.
  • Gestures
  • It has swiping up and down options to get the apps promptly
  • You are able to edit each shortcut ,folders and icons by long pressing the home key
  • You will be able to access desktop previews.
  • Backup and restore your data for future use.
  • Some other  Options
  • Hold back in memory, home key actions, hide apps in drawer, hide labels, etc.
  • Rating given for this app is 4.7 ,So it is preferable

Download Link :
For App download page click here

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Windows 8 Release Preview launched and Available For Free Download

Microsoft today Officially launched  “Release Preview” Version of  Windows 8.Now  it is ready to  download and Upgrade . which mostly indicates that the new Windows operating system  is a feature-complete and  Looks Nice comparison to the Windows 7.  Windows 8 Release Preview is accessible For  free and it can be downloaded at free of charge.It is very likely that your existing system specifications are good enough to function Windows 8.

It is also Available For Virtual Machines Also . You Can Run Windows 8 Release Preview on Your Virtual Machine By using the ISO Of Windows 8 or by using CD Copy of Windows 8 .

System Requirements :-

  • 1GB Of RAM.
  • 2GB RAM For 64 Bit Version of Windows 8 .
  • 1 GHz Processor 
  • 16 GB Hard Disk Space .
Download :-

The Download of Windows 8 Relese Preview is available in two ways .

1) Download the Windows 8 Setup Program.
2) Download ISO Image of Windows 8.

Download these two From the Windows 8 Download Page i.e From the Microsoft Website .

Enter Your Email and Country and select Setup File or ISO Image and Click on the Download Option.

Product Key :-

The Universal Product Key Of Windows 8 is


Please note that  your installed software programs will only be preserved if you are upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8. If your planning to install Windows 8 on top of Windows XP or Vista, only the files will be preserved but not the various software programs that you may have on the disk.

Before the Grabbing Of Windows 8 ISO Image you can visit the  Compatibility Center for Windows 8 Release Preview and it show  list of all Types of  Softwares & Hardware devices that are Compatible with Windows 8.You can See the all Programs by the that are Compatible are not with the option Browse Product Catalog.

Windows 8 Release Preview Video :-

That's It Enjoy the New Windows Opearting System From Microsoft Windows  .

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Installous 5 : Installous 5 is released for Iphone , Ipod and Ipad

Installous is the best and awesome app in the IDevices and Iphones which is used to get the all paid apps for free in your Idevices like Iphone, Ipod and Ipad . And it is the most advanced and Complete method to trying the IOS Applications Iphone , Ipod Touch and Ipad .The Staff just released the Update of Installous 5.And it is the best app in the Iphone and you must have this app in your Device.

Now Installous is a must app which you should have in your phone if you have already jailbroken your device with cydia.And the Installation of this app Installous is very simple .

How to use Installous :

1) If you want to install Installous on your iPhone than you need to have a Jailbroken iPhone so make sure it has Cydia installed on it else and search  the Google for the latest Jailbreak and Download and install it in your device.

2) Now fire up your cydia app and than navigate to Manage > Sources.

3) And next Goto > Edit > Add and than type now click on Add Source and than click on Add Anyway.

4) After adding this,Tap on the Search tab at the bottom and type Installous in the search field and select   the Installous 5.

5) Now Click the  “Install”  button and then  click the “Confirm” button to install Installous 5.

6) Installous 5 is now installed on your iOS device to enjoy any app for free from the App Store.So this is the Procedure of Installation of Installous .

Features of Installous Update :-

  • Installous is the first mobile installation client to support BitTorrent downloading. It supports to Bittorrent Download .
  • This can be able to pause and resume Downloads .
  • Installous 5 supports for IOS 5 Notification System .
  • Installous 5 supports  for all modern BitTorrent features (DHT, UPNP, encryption, etc.).
  • Many Bugs are Fixed in the Installous 5 Update.
  • File Hosting Capablility is Improved in the Installous 5 Update .

So if you already have previous version of Installous installed just head over to the cydia dashboard and click on changes and you will see the upgrade ready to be installed just click on upgrade and than your Installous will be updated.

Install Installous 5 By  adding repo in your cydia mentioned below :-

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Download WinRar Pro/Professional Full Version

WinRar Pro/Professional Full Version

WinRAR is a  RAR archiver and it is a powerful tool which allows you to create, manage and control archive files. WinRAR can be supported to Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, DOS, OS/2, MacOS X. In this we Giveaway the WinRAR Professional Full Version .It is already Preactivated only download and install the program .

WinRar Pro/Professional Full Version

WinRAR features :-
  • Complete support of RAR and ZIP 2.0 archives; 
  • Highly sophisticated, original compression algorithm; 
  • Special algorithms optimized for text, audio, graphics, 32-bit and 64-bit Intel executables compression; 
  • Shell interface including drag-and-drop facility and wizard; 
  • WinRAR has the Interface of Command line interface
  • Non RAR archives (7Z, ACE, ARJ, BZ2, CAB, GZ, ISO, JAR, LZH, TAR, UUE, Z ) management; 
  • It Having the Option of Solid archiving, which can raise compression ratio by 10% - 50% over more common methods, particularly when packing a large number of small, similar files; 
  • It has the Main Property of Multivolume archives
  • WinRAR Recoveres the  physically damaged archives; 
  • WinRAR Helps Unicode support in file names; 
  • Other service functions, such as encryption, archive comments , error logging, etc. 

Download :-

Download Link :- WinRar Pro.

Visit Winrar Official website for more winrar products.
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