Gmail Key Board Shortcuts

Hi Friends here we go today i will briefly teach you how to enable keyboard Shortcuts in Gmail to get the fast access of the Gmail and how to use that shortcuts in your gmail. 

Before Using this Keyboard Shortcuts you must enable 
the Keyboard Shortcuts On .

Here Is the Procedure for enable :-

1) Login to your Gmail account and click on Settings.

2) Under the General tab go to the option Keyboard 
shortcuts (from here you can turn them on or off), se
lect Keyboard shortcuts on and click Save Changes.

KeyBoard Shortcuts : -


c : Compose
/ :  Search
q : Focus chat Contact Search
? : Open Shortcut Help

Actions :-

a : Reply all
r : Reply
x : Select Conversation
s : Start Conversation
y : Remove Label
e : Archive
m : Ignore Conversation
! : Report As Spam
# : Move To Trash
f : Forward
<Shift> + n : Update Conversation
<Esc>: Focus Last Chat Mole
z : Undo Last Action
. : Open More Action Menu
<Shift>+i : Mark as read
<Shift>+u : Mark As Unread
<Ctrl>+ s : Save Draft.

Navigation :-

u : Back to threadlist
k/j : Newer/older conversation
<Enter> : Open Conversation; collapse/expand coversation
p/n : Read previous/next message.

Jumping :-

g then i : Go to Inbox
g then s : Go to Starred Conversations.
g then t : Go to Sent messages
g then d : Go to Drafts.
g then a : Go to all mail
g then c : Go to Contacts

Threadlist Selection:

* then a : Select all Conversations.
* then n : De Select all Conversations.
* then r :  Select Read Conversations.
* then u : Select Unread Conversations.
* then s : Select starred Conversations.
* then t : Select unstarred Conversations.

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