How To Get The Classic Photo Viewer or Old Layout Of Facebook Photos

Switch to the Old Layout of Facebook Photos
Facebook has rolled out a Google +  style photo viewerthat displays user comments and ads next to the picture in an overlay window. Thus,you don’t have to scroll the page to read the comments and the photo viewer adjust itself as you re-size the browser window.

Switch to the Old Layout of Facebook Photos
If you are viewing any photo in Facebook and would like to use the classic layout – where photos are displayed on a separate page and not inside a pop-up – you can do that in a couple of ways:

1) While the photo viewer is active, press F5 on your keyboard (or hit the “reload” button in the browser) to refresh the Facebook photo page.This should open the photo without the overlay.

2) Or go to address bar of your browser, remove the string “&theater” from the photo URL and hit Enter.

3) Or the easiest option is that you hold the CTRL key while clicking the thumbnail of any photo on Facebook and this should open the corresponding photo in a new tab but without the light box Effects.

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