Increase Your IDM Download Speed By Using IDM Optimizer

By Using This IDM Optimizer Increase your Download
Speed and Maximize Your IDM Performance . This is a
Small Tool ,but the use of this optimizer is increase your downloading ranges and maximize your IDM .


1.This program will create a new file in the directory that
contains the name of the IDM Optimizer.exe i.eIDMMax.
inf that contains the script to go into the registry, trus-twe
aking ngutak in HKCU /software / download manager for performance maksimalin IDM

2.In the registry, this script changes the value of Advanced Integration -> 1,Connection Speed ​​-> 999 999, Connection
Type -> 11, Max Connections Number -> 16

3.Whereas if you find IDM Def.inf file, then script it
contains to restore settings to the initial conditions IDM

4. To apply the changes, it is necessary to restart the IDM.
Here are instructions on how to use IDM optimizer .

Follow The Instructions Below :-

1. IDM must be installed on your computer
(Note:If you dont have IDM install it from here)
2. After the IDM is installed, open the program 
3. Select Maximize Now! to optimize the performance 
of the IDM, then Restart IDM
4. Select Restore Default to return to the initial IDM
5. Restart IDM

Click Here To Download

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  1. I need password for idm optimizer

  2. Nice information. It's very useful tips to improve my internet speed. Now i have better internet speed. Finally i checked my internet speed using the site


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