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Facebook  social network site, has a great impact on the minds of the youth and it became a part of the daily social activities.Now it turned into a place for the electronic suicide notes.

A  21 year old student who is pursuing his engineering  carrier at Lord Jegannath College of Engineering and Technology, Nagercoil,went for  self-destruction due to Love failure.Though he has  more then 300 hundred friends but nobody could prevent his death.

He wrote a suicide note on Facebook and went to die under running train at Karunagapally.

His close friend sham said that "He had a  affair and recently  they had a clash couple of days ago"

"Before he is attempting for death he sent a personnel text message ot get in touch and called her on phone,but she rejected him,maybe this is the reason for his death" said sh yam .

Her mother Veena said "He came to home to prepare for final Semester exams and we never expected this"

Dr.C.J.John Chennakattu chief psychiatrist at Medical Trust Hospital in Ernakulam says that Social networking sites has a great impact on real world  a lot.

Message from techno hackzs :Friends never try to end your life forcefully because your innocent parents are there to love you more than anybody.Share your pain and Cry with your close friends who always there to assist you at any situation.

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