Project Glass:Video Demo of Google Glass from Google I/O

Google I/O - June 27-29 Mo-scone Center , San Francisco
Briefly About Google Glasses:
Google project glass which allows you to stay connected with real world and at the same time it allows you to connect with web.It runs completely on voice commands.This is designed by Google developers as 1-inch display with integrated touch Pad.

If once you allow that Google glass with WiFi it shows Map directions and even it allows you to Hang Out with people on Google chats.It has the features like you can instantly take videos and even pictures to share it with the world on net.

Highlights of Google project glasses:

It shows up all the notifications of your mobile on the display screen.

You can also use it while driving with out any interactions by using voice commands.

You can just dictate voice or mails to send it to your loved one Using voice control you can send SMS,E-mails etc)

Just like Google maps it shows you places/objects , people and offers in the local location where you are.

Some of the Drawbacks may it have:

Low battery performance because of its constant use age

Not available in many languages.

No information about how to use it for people who are with sightedness.

It may be available in market by 2013.
Watch Video Demo of Google Glass from Google I/O :-

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