Google's new tablet Nexus 7 to compete with Apple and Microsoft !

Google's new tablet Nexus 7

At last the suspense and rumors on Google's new tablet and Android operating system came to end by yesterday conference of developers at Francisco

Google unveiled its two new items from the same company.The first one is Nexus 7 and the other is Jelly Bean , operating system form Android background which is referring as Android 4.1.Google employee demonstrated Nexus 7 specifications and about Jelly Bean Os Features to media and experts in the conference.

Nexus 7 is the first Android powered devices so far Google has launched .By this, Company is  planning to bring down the market shares of Apple and Kindle Fire in the tablet Computer sales, which are leading companies in Us and some other countries over the world.However Google is offering  a heavy competition to both these companies.

Previous versions like Sandwich and Honey Comb has received a great apploze from people now also Company had kept all the effort to make the Jelly Bean Os to come out with new feature.

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