Facebook Page : Now you can change your Facebook Page URL or Username

At the starting when you have supposed to be create a Facebook Page, Facebook Assigns a Random URL to your Facebook page that looks something like this below example.But Now you can choose your own username and URL.
Here is how you can get the Custom URL for your Facebook Fan page
 When your facebook is reached 25 likes or more you can choose or change your facebook page username called vanity URL for your page that looks something like this below
At this time once you have claimed the Facebook page vanity URL or Facebook Username there is no option to change the URL or Facebook Username .
But Now Facebook Upgrades the New Feature that is now Facebook Page owners can now change the URL or Facebook page username of their Facebook pages .

Follow the Simple Steps below to change your Facebook Page Username :-
  • Open your Facebook Page and click on Edit Page option Edit Page –> Update Info and click the “Change Username” below the Username Option.

  • Now you can change the Username of your Facebook page by changing the Previous one .And you also Pick the Option of you can select type of URL also like .in and .com are also case insensitive see the Image Below .
  • Now Click on Check Availability Option and It says Facebook Username is Available .

  • But this Facebook Page Feature is allowed to be used only one time.So Be very careful when choosing the new URL for your Facebook Page .

That's it. So hope you liked this amazing Feature by Facebook .Join our all communities to get new updates .

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