Attention ! facebook is going to expire?

Is Facebook ready to expire like Orkut and my space ? Experts say it is true
We all know that back to few years my space and Orkut are the leading social networks in many countries.But now they are almost invisible on the web.No one is showing interest to   engage with that social media sites.

But,many technology companies like Oracle ,IBM and some other are still in leading position since decades and their services on online  are appreciable.while it comes to  social network company sites it doesn't happen.No socialmedia site like Facebook will exist for longer time.

Analyzers and experts say that "though people are more engaged with Facebook still it is hard to stay for more five to eight years even less on Facebook".

Recently Google plus is playing its importance by attracting users on the net.Some of its new features like Circles ,hangout (personalized video chats), voice chats (Voice calls) are grabbing people attention by its new features.

 Pinterest is also the another website where users can have chatting ,update their status is becoming popular these days.This site is also competing with Facebook in social network.
Likewise there are many signs that Facebook is going to expire in few coming years.

So friends who are using Facebook for connecting people and making friends , trying to brand their products or any of their websites/blogs wake up and ready for new social media.


  1. Google plus loads too slowly on my 5 kbps connection. beside that google cant cache many scripts of it long time ,so i dont use it too much . my blog -

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