Rumours on Apple iPhone 5 : release date, design and its features

There are lots of rumors around Apple iPhone 5. I don’t know whether it is really going to launch or not, but I heard many number of rumors regarding its design and features.
Design and Features
 Apple IPhones never chanded the desing of the display. Now, Apple iPhone 5  is rumored to have 4inch screen and the screen resolution will be nearer to 16:9 ratio and an additional button to the display may be given.
 Apple iPhone 5 is expected to be release in June 2012 as if for now. Of course, these kinds of rumors keep coming until its release. It is said to use quad core processor in this new iPhone 5. It is also rumored that the back case will be made up of some new kind of a LiquidMetal.
A new technology named Near Field Communication technology (NFC) is going to be used in this Apple iPhone5. This new technology is going to be used for money transactions and payments to near by networks.  
Even there are rumors that the Apple iPhone 5 is going to be called as the New Apple iPhone.
Whether the rumors are true or not? Apple iPhone 5 is going to be a sensation in the future.



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