Another Gadget From Samsung: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung is going to release a gadget soon. Apart form Samsung mobiles; Samsung is already in good business of Samsung Tablet. Samsung introduced a  gadget some years back which is the combination of a Tablet PC and a mobile. That is the Samsung Galaxy Note. As no one stands still without updating, Samsung updated this Galaxy Note several times and now it is the turn of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.  This Galaxy note is releasing now with an S-Pen slot which doesn’t displayed at the first exhibition of the piece. After that, in a recent event in Europe, The new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is shown at the event with an S-Pen slot which is made with a Quad core processor. The rest of the features are same with the other Galaxy notes but it is something special than before. Samsung is going to release this piece with the pen tool kit. Some sources are saying that it’s going to be released in this June. This Samsung Galaxy Note price may be around Rs.35,000/-. It will be of more fun to the gadget guru’s who are interested to have a new gadget in their collection.


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