The Best and essential YouTube Extensions For Google Chrome

Here are the  some essential and useful youtube extensions for Google Chrome that will add new and missing features to the YouTube website thus improving your overall YouTube experience.So Install this extensions in your Google Chrome and Improve your YouTube Experience on Google Chrome Browser.

YouTube Extensions For Google Chrome :-

Looper For YouTube.:- This Extension will present Near the YouTube Video Player .If You Once Clicked this Button ,the Present Video will play in an Infinite Loop until you can click the Stop Button.If you pressed this  button the video will repeat itself forever.

YouTube Feed :-YouTube Feed Help you in the Notifications purpose . When you are subscribed to any channel you want then when the new videos are uploaded in that channel this YouTube Feed will be notified when ever new videos are uploaded that you are subscribed to channels .

Magic Actions for YouTube™:-Magic Actions for YouTube™ is a lightweight and useful add-in designed for a more comfortable watching experience. 

Turn off the Lights:-It Support the Multiple Websites YouTube , HTML5 Video , It Support to Multiple Image sites , Easter Eggs.You can also use the shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + L to toggle between regular view and dimmed background view.

YouTube Thumbs :-This YouTube extension  generates the  three Thumbnail images for all videos and this is a small Greasemonkey script 

YouTube PIP :-This is Picture in Picture For YouTube .With YouTube PIP, the video detaches itself from the Chrome browser, docks to the corner of your desktop or of the screen  and always stays on top without requiring any additional programs. Thus you can work on other things while the video plays in the foreground, and it works without any plugin and it will gives the Google Chrome Notification.

Toggle Comments :-The Comments on the YouTube Videos are annoying .The Toggle Comments add-on will automatically hides the comments from all YouTube video pages .

YouTube Downloader :-This Downloads the any YouTube Video you want as MP4 video or as an MP3 audio file, this will be done in one click.

And other YouTube extensions are there which helps to experience the new way of YouTube Video Watching .

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