New Leica i9 Camera

Leica i9 camera is a combination of Apple iPhone 4 smartphone and a Leica camera.  This camera is specifically made for unparalleled processing and sharing possibilities of Apple iPhone 4. It is the only camera that also works as an Apple iPhone 4 case.  The main purpose of this camera is to shoot and share pictures and videos anytime and anywhere the photographer wants.
Leica i9 is made in such a way that, the ultra compact body can also be used as rugged protective case for Apple iPhone4.  This combines the features of Leica and Apple i.e.  Leica’s 12.1 megapixel point and shoot camera with  CMOS image sensor, professional lens with 8x optical zoom combined with Apple’s retina display, multi-touch interface, extended storage capacity and mobile wireless connectivity. It also shares independent batteries for extended operations.

Features of Leica i9 camera:

1.       The Leica i9 camera has independent camera body which does not depend upon Apple iPhone 4 processor.  
2.       It has 8x Compact optical zoom lens with many focal lengths in a compact body.
3.       Leica uses Rangefinder concept which helps in prolonged and uninterrupted shooting.
4.       The ultra compact body protects Apple iPhone 4 case in a rugged and stylish case.
5.       It ensures the came with upgradable features with the next generation Apple iPhones.
6.       Lieca i9 takes full advantage of Apple iPhone ‘s superior Retina Touch screen display with traditional 35mm film.
7.       The cost ranges from $900 to $1200.

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