Latest Nokia phone: Nokia 888 concept phone

Nokia tries to be the best mobile phones company in the world. It always comes with the new inventions and unique designs to attract people towards it.
Few years back Nokia announced that it is going to launch a latest Nokia phone, people had never seen.
Even though it didn’t come to reality, the features and design are still attractive and impressive.
Tamer Nakisc an award winning mobile designer introduced a new mobile phone named Nokia 888 concept phone.
The best feature of this latest Nokia phone is it can be changed in to different forms. It can be used as wrist band, can fit on your neck, you can fold it in your pocket. You can turn it in to heart shape, girls can use it is a bangle and many more.
Though Nokia didn’t reveal about the charging of the mobile, but it said that this mobile phone uses “Liquid Battery”.
This Nokia mobile phone uses voice recognition and is touch sensitive.
Nokia introduced e-motions through this mobile by sending heart shape form emotions or dancing figures to your friends. It can be called as electronic pet because it recognizes what you want it to do according to our body gestures.
                I wish Nokia to release this phone so that it creates a new trend in technology.

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