Mobile phones are the main target for hackers'

Beware of you what you are doing on mobile because mobile phones are the main target for hackers ,according to the network security reports.

The reports are like this

In 2011 the 7.12 million mobile smartphones are infected by malicious programmes and now it is increasing day by day. according to the china network emergency  response technical team.
This team has found more than 5000 malicious programmes last year terminated them which was twice than the that of 2010.China Daily reported friday.

Hacker's are often designing the sofwares and programmes to destroy the users mobile phones and track their personel information and get their personel bank accout information or passwords.said by the report.

Hackers designed more than 1000 fraud programmes which hacks the users personel account data ,this is from which the hackers earning.

Android and nokia symbian phones are targeted by the hackers ,said by the report.

This was rapidly growing and they also targeting the websites and social forums which are collecting the users personel information.

so,beaware of what information you are leaving on any website and any social networks .

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