Gmail Tap -just two keys to type any message !

Gmail Tap:

Gmail Tap is a revolution in the typing. Gmail tap is using only two keys for typing any message over a smart phone . As now a days smart phones are increasing and the usage of internet over the phone is increasing. while it is very constructive to have all the keys on the smart phone. This feature of gmail tap has introduced a new two keys which can type all the alphabets and numericals.Only two buttons infinite possibilites.

Check the chart  to type any letter:

*Note: Click on the image to view bigger

This is going to be a great revolution in the feild of smart phone typing.This is a easy way to type intsead of the searching all the keys for typing a message.So , Friends wait for a while to enjoy the new gmail tap technology.Now watch this vedio and enjoy the Gmai Ttap features.
Coming to the details of this Technology Read Morse is the lead engneer of this gmail Tap and some other..This technology replaces all the keys with only two keys as show in the chart above.

Gmail Tap-Vedio:

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