How to get back Lost Blog ? |Site dissapeared from google

Recently google has cleared all the blogs which follow the Philosophy of  COPY  and PASTE.If you are one of them this post is exclusively for you to know the google's quality guidlines and to know how to get back the lost/dissapeared blog form google search engine.

Before you get back your lost/dissapeared blog first try to know/understand the google quality guidlines. Here are some important points that every blogger must know to remain their blog/site  safe in search engine.
  • Knowingly or Unknowingly if you had copied the content from other site stop that Copy Paste policy right now.
  • Read google quality guidelines carefully
  • Protect your content from other copy pasting sites by adding copyscape to your blog/site.
  • Write for new content even though it is less.
  • Never try to put more links on your posts that makes a sense to redirect to other sites.
  • Dont infringe google quality guidlines.
Follow the above points to make your site in a good manner.

Now it's time to get back your lost blog/site

Due to  infringement of google quality guidelines google has removed your site from google search engine. So now remove all the content that you think you have copied from other sites/blogs.If you dont know what you have copied from other sites delete all the posts from the site which has banned from google search. Its best to revert all the posts if your are from blogger platfrom. Eventhough you are from other platform revert all the posts or you can delete all the posts.
Now after clearing all the posts from your site apply for site reconsideration from google .
Choose your site for reconsideration and follow the steps give there.Wait for few weeks google to check your site and reconsider.

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