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Google chrome multitask mode

As we know that Google always tries to introduce new features on web in this process to save the users time.It has introduced a multitask mode for browsing the web. By implementing this mode a user can use as many cursors and mouse points and browse the web.
Google chrome web designer Glen Murphy says "A user is using his 50% of his hands for browsing on web . so we are introducing this mutitask mode to save the users time and also as people are getting interest in doing multipe things at once"

Features and plus points of chrome multitask mode:

  • User can use more than one cursor/mouse at a time 

  • User can save time.

  • User can do more at less time 

  • User can have more fun on web by using multitask mode

  So have more mice , more friends and more fun web by chrome multitask mode.Try this multitasking mode here Try Multitask Mode

Check out this vedio for multitask mode details:

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