July 9th all internet services are going to stop-How to get out of it

You may be aware of the News that hackers attacked the internet services and so through out the World internet services are going to be stopped on July 9th.
Due to some internet viruses all the computers ie; MAC,Windows and Linux are going to stop connectivity to the internet services.This is because of a Malicious Viruses attack of hackers  on all the computers and internet services.Of course all the computers may not get effected to this viruses attack.You can check whether your computer is infected by the viruses or not here at DNS changer check up.

If  your computer is not effected by this malicious viruses it will show green color on the screen.Then you can continue to the internet services even after July 9.
The screen shot of the users who will get the green color .

If your computer is effected by the viruses it will show red on the screen as shown below.The users who got red color are going to loose their internet connectivity on or After  july 9th.

To avoid the loss of  internet connectivity you can consult your internet service providers or you can follow the steps given in the below link:

DNS settings to Continue Internet Connection after July 9th.

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