BSNL 3G Wi-Fi Router Winknet Mf50 – Price Rs. 5,800

BSNL launched a new 3G WI-Fi pocket router named Winknet Mf50.This device is launched in tie-up with Shyam Networks.It works on the based of SIM locked system.Only BSNL SIM can be used with this device to connect with the WI-Fi connection.The users can connect to WI-Fi from their connect compatible devices like Smartphones,Laptops and computers.Thus it is capable of connecting minimum of five to six users at the same time.

Data uploading speed is 14.4Mbps.This is available in the maket at the cost around Rs.5,800.

BSNL 3G Wi-Fi Router Winknet Mf50


  1. Sir i want to buy Bsnl 3g pocket wifi winknet mf50 in thanjavur or trichy in tamilnadu.kindly provide address with contact number to me. My mail id is Thank you sir

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