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About Us:
We are students pursuing our eduction in various sectors of engineering and we love blogging and communicating with people.So, we as a team formed to update you with a Latest Information on Technology and Hacking.

Our Motive:
"We Explore New" this is our primary motive and clearly dedicated to this.We always try to bring new and updated news about hacking ,Tech News ,Mobiles and some other gadgets information for you.

Our Team:
Our dedicated team is working for you to bring useful news. They  are well communicated with many officials to keep you updating with world news on technology.

Your Support:
We love your comments and suggestions .We try to help you in resolving your doubts on various  categories of Hacking and gadgets.So, please give your valuable feedback  to help us improve our performance.

Final Word:
We are not experts in anything more than you.We are just trying to share what we know and what we learned.

"Knowledge grows when shared"
-Technohackzs Team

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  3. Hi guys,

    I am just curious, what exactly you do? do you stop other hackers, or undo damage they may have caused? I only sort of know one of you, John Paul. You follow my blog and I follow yours so I know you are of good character. It would be helpful for those of us who do not understand exactly what you do, to have a clear explanation. I think when people see the word "hack or hacker", they might think it is associated with being a hacker who causes problems for others. I think, because of being a person with good character, this is not the case here with you or your friend. Maybe you could help those of us who don't know the difference, to understand better what you do.

    Thank you, John Paul

  4. HI ,Annie its my pleasure to have you here.Actually I'm not a hacker i just moderate this site.Ofcourse i have other 2 blogs.
    Hacking is nothing but entering into anothers personel information without his/her persmission.My friend is expert in hacking personel accounts.But the theme of this site to help providing tools and tricks that all.


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