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From Some years of loosing the Trademark and Using of IE due  to the likes of Google's Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox Performance, fastness and More Features , But in the Windows 8 the IE 10 is comeback with all the new features and Fixed Bugs and IE is
slowly comeback with the IE 10 with increased Features and fastness . Now the New IE 11 is Available for Windows 7 also.  IE is staging a comeback ,in the Past year IE is gained 4 percentage points, while the Other browsers Google Chrome has lost 3 points and Mozilla Firefox 1.3 percent. These Points difference may look  like a  small numbers, but we need to realize that the  each percentage point of  browser shows that the worldwide use translates to over 20 million users. It seems Microsoft has gotten the message that the world wants a Web browser that's fast and compliant with new standards. So Now the time turns up to the IE 11 which will be available in windows 7 .

Performance : 

  • The new Internet Explorer is fast, lean, and came with more standards . 
  • Faster ,and More standard  than the all other Versions Earlier .
  • Embedded with the Safe Security and Privacy Configuration .
  • New and Best Hardware and Graphics acceleration
  • New tap page is Provided in IE 11 that is more helpfull.
  • The more exciting feature that has the Support of WebGl.
  • WebGl Support and Many fixed bugs , pinned sites feature and Many new features are added in the IE 11.  
  • You also still get a good, pause-able download manager, an effective popup blocker, and capable Favorites, History, and Bookmark features accessible from the star icon.


  • IT  doesn't run on OS versions earlier than Windows 7 and doesn't offer syncing for that OS.

Technohackzs-Internet Explorer 11 Available For Windows 7

  Download : 

    You Can download  from the Microsoft official site : IE 11 For Windows 7 

    Download link : IE 11 For Windows 7  


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