12 Unknown Computer Programming Languages You're Probably Never Know and Heard Of It

12 Unknown Computer Programming LanguagesHere today we presenting the unknown Computer Programming Languages you never know of that Languages . That are frequently used in the computer Programming . Actually Computer Programming languages are used to develop system programs. According to me C is the best programming language for
beginners who are interested in learning programming language. In a recent survey JAVA is the no.1 programming language. Anyway today I'm sharing about 12 Programming languages you're probably never heard of it.


Developed by : Urban mullar
File name extension : .b,bf.
Year: 1993


Developed by : Chris Pressey
Year: 1993


Developed by :  Jos Aslund and Karl Hasselstrom.
Year: 1993
Jos Aslund and Karl Hasselstrom created this programming language in one night.


Developed by : Edwin Brady and Chris Morris
Year : Apr 1st 2003
Official website:


Developed by:  W.A Wulf, D.B Russel and A.N. Habermann
Year : 1970
Developer : Carnegie Mellon University


A example program of Piet, Which displays "Hello world"

Developed by: David Morgan-Mar
Check out some sample programs of Piet -


Developed by: Daniel Temkin
Year: 2009


Developed by: Graham Nelson
Year: 1993
Support's: Mac OS X, Windows, Linux others
Official website:


Developed by: Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, Ken Thompson
Developer: Google
Supports: Plan 9, Free BSD, Open BSD, Mac OS X, Windows, Linux others
File name extension: .go
Official website:


Developed by: Don woods, James M. Lyon
Year: 1972
For More:


Developed by: Juraj Borza 
Year: 2006
For More:


A example program of Ook! Source code for "Hello world" 
Developed by: David Morgan-Mar

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