Facebook Search Engine: Facebook Introduces the New Graph Search Engine

Facebook Graph Search
Facebook Search Engine

Facebook the giant social networking service is now introduces the intelligent simple search engine, some twist of more intelligent search algorithms were needed and that what this new Graph Search Engine brings in it.

With this Graph Search Engine now you can search the Facebook by typing "friends pics from 1990" or "friend's living in new jersey" so anything you type will return a good , intelligent and clean search and you can explore your world through your photos and share your interests and Find People who share your interests and discover the music with the New Facebook Graph Search Engine.

So this really going to search how people interact with Facebook, they can now easily figure out their old memories, they can check which of their friends are where and much more.

So now this Graph Search engine is still in a Beta version and you can too join their waiting list to get this service activated. So you can visit the Link Graph Search Engine and after click on Join Waiting List, so when ever this  Graph Search Engine service is ready you simply will get notification from them that the Search Engine service has been activated on your account. So its pretty fun do check below Mark Zuckerberg video.

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